Thursday, September 3, 2009

From Got-a-Question

From Rebecca:

Do you think God gives certain people these gifts to interact with the

people that have passed on to the other side? I have had many

experiences myself, and have kept quiet for so long. Now my

daughters are telling me experiences, that they are having. I have

never told them about my experiences until just recently. god bless

Picture by Torley

Hi Rebecca

Thanks for contacting me.

My first thoughts are that the issue of God is a very personal one and there are both believers and

non-believers who experience paranormal phenomena. So the existence of god is a whole new,

very different discussion.

What I do find very interesting about your own experience is the pattern of paranormal encounters

within the women of your family. This was one of the patterns that shone through in my research.

Time and time again the respondents referred to generations of women within their own families

who had experienced psi. Interestingly, this pattern did not related to the male line!

What I would suggest is that when the opportunity arises you might like to talk to the older women

in your family. They too may have stories to tell.

I think the key to the paranormal, as with lots of things in life, is to be open to it, and open about the

infinite possibilities the universe contains.

I'd be interested to hear what the other women in your family have been experiencing.



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