Tuesday, October 6, 2009

From Got-a-Question: Dreams

From Roderick: I often had dreams of snakes chasing me, but never biting me.  Sometimes the snakes are as large as buildings and sometimes they are small.  I also have dreams of someone, or something chasing me, but I can never see what it is.  It's always dark.  What do these dreams mean?

Hi Roderick

I'm not a dream expert - except from the viewpoint of experiencing them myself. And of course, opinion differs on whether dreams are paranormal of not.

There are a couple of things you might like to look at.
First, if you feel the images are symbolic then check out a few books on the subject - Amazon perhaps.

Secondly, however, if you feel that you actually have the answer inside yourself (and who knows ourselves better than us?) then perhaps go inward and see what you come up with.

I guess another option is that you may actually be frightened of snakes.

Has anyone more to add that could help Roderick?

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  1. In general, the chasing element of a dream indicates something that you feel or think about but that you don't want to allow to become conscious in your mind, or that you are afraid of in waking life. A snake can often indicate temptation, sometimes people interpret it to mean sexual desires, but unless there's an element of desire in your reading, I'd be inclined to think it is fear of danger or harm manifesting in your dream.

  2. Thanks for this Ralph. I hope Roderick will come back in and keep the conversation going.

  3. I like the sexual interpretation better than anything else. Why? Because most "scary" dreams are just a simple way to get the physical body to dump or expel or process out the excess contained-energy built up in the body. Why? So the body can reconstitute its Balance or False-balance. Without doing this the body get disease. Simple. The easiest way for the male body to dump excess is to ejaculate. Failing that, take a shower and do what the ancient Jews did of cleansing, or dig a ditch, or paint a painting. Any sufficient amount of expression will do. The prototypical consummation of False-balance for the male has always been death by "heroic battle". This is not needed any longer.
    Additionally, the snake that has traditionally been associated with procreation's creativity could also be a scary thing because males know that this survival thing of the species is finished. The NEW STORY is coming and that dismisses the "old story" prime contracts of the illusion of survival. So, the snake could be properly seen as the enemy that is a danger, i.e., sex/procreation/females, etc. and at the same time it is also causing a spooling up of and magnification of massive amounts of excess contained-energy that demands to find a portal of expression. Go paint a painting, dig a ditch, take a shower, masturbate, or pick a fight with someone and have a hell of a Mirthfully IRREVERENT time of it.
    Yes, yes, I know, what I have said is all not acceptable as fancy psychic council. You figure it out. What feels more right to your voice-within?

  4. Ralph and IRF - Ill leave Roderick to respond. As you say, only he will know if ideas resonate within.

  5. Here is a technique that works for me pretty consistently. Identify the feeling(s) in the dream. Think back over the day or two or three prior to that and see if you can find the same feeling. If yes, the feeling is the common denominator linking these two events. Your dream may be showing you something about that situation - a representation or a comment or a suggestion.

  6. Suzanne. That seems like good advice and I guess if the dream was intense enough then it is likely we will remember the feelings attached to it.


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