Friday, October 16, 2009

The Paranormal and Schizophrenia

From Stephanie: Schizophrenia runs in my family, I believe that if doctors would study the spiritual aspects of schizoprenia they would find a cure. I know people need meds also. What do you think?

Great question Stephanie! Throughout history, many brilliant minds have had one form of mental illness or another and some of them have also been intimately involved in the study of the paranormal. Even today, I know of at least one very high functioning parapsychologist who has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

As far as the medical fraternity is concerned there is still along way to go before we will see the study of paranormal experiences being included in the curriculum. Having said that, however, inroads are being made in this area. One hundred years ago psychology was regarded with deep suspicion - today it is totally mainstream. 

Change takes time - lots of time! From the encounters I had during my paranormal studies with eminent academics (including senior post holders in the medical faculties), parapsychological studies are usually regarded as something to be undertaken in the twilight years. This has its good and bad points. On the plus side, there are well credentialed academics such as Dean Radin  
who have made a name for themselves in the so-called hard sciences before turning to studying psi. The fact that they have established credibility in another field adds to the credibility of their paranormal work. The downside is that it takes decades to become credentialed elsewhere!

Every academic study that adds to the database of knowledge on the paranormal helps move psi towards becoming mainstream. The current study being carried out by Sam Parnia in the UK, while not directly linked to mental illness, is another example of how credible medicos are bridging the gap between mainstream medicine and non-traditional approaches.

So, I guess that's my long answer Stephanie. My short answer is it will happen. Indirectly, it is happening already. It is just that the nature of science requires that progress be made in a careful and measured manner.

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  1. Hi Rosemary I agree entirely with your comments.

    Hopefully you can look at my site I personally think that 90% of the "mental problems" are because of spirit interference. As we begin to develop we become open and then we are approached. It is a fine line between hearing voices as a medium and hearing them in an untrained way and being labelled as a mental patient. God knows if I told my doctor I heard voices she would be calling an ambulance. What would certainly help many is the knowledge that comes with development training so people understand that what is experienced is "normal" but needs to be understood. It needs to be understood from the point of view that "people are people" and there are those who are bad and would influence us and this is of course exactly the same when we are talking contact with Spirit. There are now far many more people in this world who are sensitive. They need training. I can give you an example that has been given to me by my guides. Road rage! What happens is that people are picking up from each other and when there is a strong negative energy from one it irritates the other and is reflected this becomes a vicious circle whereby something has to give. I am not condoning this at all you understand but it is an explanation of what occurs. This can also be reflected in those situations when you walk into a bar and you know something is going to go off. It feeds itself and those who are weakest the problems begin. Our world is becoming regrettably violent and there needs to be a true understanding of what is causing it. We need to show what causes it, and how it can be restrained. Until this subject is more accepted and understood progress will be slow on tackling these many problems. If you look at Victor Zammits site there is something about this subject on there too and I cannot remember who it is but a famous investigator and psychiatrist, who stated much the same that "mental illness in very many cases is caused by misunderstanding the initial spiritual cause rather than a true mental illness" Hope this helps. Just found your blog, like it and will continue to attend. Much light,


  2. Hi Leo I can follow what you're saying and think there is more to this picking up people's thoughts, energies, emotions than we give credit to. I for one am often doing this and generally when I fee sad I find myself asking myself 'is this mine'? Usually it's not - and I release the mood. Am I the only one who does this I wonder?



    PS I am familiar with some of Victor's work.


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