Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paranormal or Not?

There is a discussion going on in the wider community - and it has been ongoing for a few years now - involving numbers. Apparently there are websites and email trails dating back years on this and the matter has not been satisfactorily resolved. My attention was drawn to this by a reader, Marianne, who asks:

Why do people keep seeing 444 all over the place? I've been seeing them for years and when I meditate on "why" I get no clarity. I've been seeing 4s everywhere for years. On licenses plates. Bills. Telephone numbers. DVD & VCR players, route markers, stamps, sales slip at grocery markets, etc. Absolutely *everywhere* - is there a rhyme or reason to this??  I would love a simple (good?) explanation if you have one. Thank you (smile).

Is this just a matter of where we put our attention is what we notice - like when we decide to buy a blue car and suddenly that's about all we see on the roads? Is this to do with the paranormal? I don't have an explanation? Do you?

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  1. There's a correlation and reference to 444 in the bible, just as 666 has meaning. I also see a lot of references to 444 as a symbol of angels. There's even a book written about 444, 1111 and another (Angels 101).
    Interesting stuff!


  2. Thanks for that reminder Iris. Is there power in numbers - in more ways than one? If we are going back 2000 years for the Bible then maybe numbers had significance in ancient cultures or were even seen as being powerful. Which leaves me wondering, was there ever a race, tribe or culture who worshipped numbers? Im not an historian - perhaps someone can answer this for me?

  3. I'm kind of confused on why you would think that seeing 444, or 4's for that matter would be paranormal. I don't think that it would having anything to do with paranormal at all.
    I do think that it does have to do with where your attention is at the moment. Like you said , if you buy a blue car, then for week's you see more blue car's then normal. Not because there are more blue cars but because your so into your new blue car that it is more easily picked out. The same could be said about you seeing the number 4. In groups or by it self. You have focused on that number for so long it is easier for you to pick out, then another number.
    Try focusing on another number say 7 and see how many times you pick out that number in a week. But I do not think that it is paranormal.

  4. Hi Ravin, Im with you on this one. On the face of it, the 444 issue doesn't seem to fall within the definition of paranormal (or more correctly parapsychological) phenomena. However, the question was raised by a member of the Psychic Revolution community and, starting at a basic level of enquiry, I thought it would be prudent to see if anyone else if following this occurrence who believes there's more to it.

  5. I've been thinking about this, and I don't think I altogether agree that this doesn't fall within the parameters of the paranormal, nor that it doesn't have significance.

    Marianne has been seeing the 4's for years. or rather, she has been NOTICING them for years. That's the thing. The number four is impinging on her consciousness far more than it is impinging on Rosemary's, Ravin's or mine, for example. We're all seeing it all the time, just as we see everything else. We're not all noticing it all the time.

    I don't know whether four has significance as an angel number. Having said that, it IS a number of ancient power and significance, along with other numbers, as any ancient study of esoteric and hermetic thinking will confirm. Four does in fact have some significance as an angel number, being the number of the four mighty archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, who are also linked with the four corners, the four winds, the four Royal Stars of Persia, Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut.

    However, I would suggest that Marianne meditate upon this, reflecting quietly on 4. Just empty the mind and concentrate on it, and see what happens. You could put some crystals near you, whatever you have or whatever you feel like using. Whatever you feel like will be right for you.

    I suspect that there is a significance for you, marianne, and that given time the reason will become apparent, if you are patient and open your mind.

    Good luck with it!

  6. We notice what our mind, whether consciously or subconsciously, is attuned to notice and noticing is a self-reinforcing phenomenon. I don't think it's paranormal, but rather a normal artifact of consciousness, one which the viewer, in this case Marianne, has become very consciously aware.

  7. I have no definate answer, but only musings to add...
    For about a week now I have been seeing interesting combinations of number whenever I look at the clock: 11:11, 12:12, 1:23, 12:34, 2:22, and 1:11.
    This has happened before and it always seems to happen in cycles. It's always been very curious to me, and would love to know if it ever means anything.

  8. I notice that your email address has very similar numbers in it -ones and twos. Have you noticed that before? Would be interesting to know how you arrived at the 1201. Can you share?

  9. For many years, I've had clients discuss the "numbers" issue - I have yet to find a perfect answer. Most of the time it is the "blue car" - the more you see/think about a number, the more you see it. You wake up at 3:18 every AM, etc. - I believe we program ourselves a bit more easily than we know. We must be careful not to over-react to such happenings while remaining aware. Lee

  10. Lee, I think you have a point here. We are very programmable IMO and I think we do 'directionalise' our minds more than we realize. This reminds me of the power of the mind - the untouched potential - that we have yet to fathom. This frightens many scientists. Where does the mind actually reside? It isnt necessary a function of the brain because those who are pronounced clinically dead (as in near death episodes) maintain consciousness. Which part of us looks after us when we astral travel? What about remote viewing - how can we scientifically be in 2 places at once?

    There are more questions than answers, thats for sure.

  11. Doreen Virtue has a book on Angel Numbers and what it means to see angel numerical sequences of all kinds. Although I give credit that when you buy a blue car - then all you see is blue cars, I believe numerical sequences and repetitious signs are universe's way of confirming to us a message - or to get our attention. I think some things can be divine-(meant to be)

  12. The above comment came in by email from Kelly and Ive reproduced it here, of others to share.

    Thanks Kelly. I hadnt thought of the numerical sequences in terms of Angel Numbers, but that's not surprising I guess because Im not very familiar with them.

    Ill try and put a link on the site to one of Doreen's books.

  13. Hi
    I for one would say there is a higher number. I sporardically see numbers at a far higher ratio than probability would dictate. Using numerology you can get an idea of what the message is. The number 44 is a type of master number adding up to 12 which is the inverse of 21 - the number of divine connection. The number 4 numerologically is to do with method and order - so I would ask if subconsious/ higher self draws you to this so much what do you need to learn regarding your method & order and spiritual connection?

  14. Interesting thought about method and order. Does that tend to apply to all levels of life - or more to the spiritual realms?

  15. I find this concept & the accompanying comments interesting yet I am one to apply it's context to the number six nineteen [619]. I see it everywhere very much in the same manor that a gentleman does in a nationwide credit score advertisement which ran a few years ago...

  16. I don't see 4's everywhere but I do see the time 12:34 a lot. Usually randomly. Look at the clock for the time and it'll be 12:34 doesn't matter whether it's am or pm.
    My dad mentioned to me once that he always saw 11:11 on the clock and didn't know why he would keep seeing that time.
    Not sure if seeing these numbers all the time is paranormal or a strange coincidence...except...I don't know if I believe in coincidence much anymore.


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